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Our Services

Nor Cal Waterproofing Services

So many things go into a quality project we ensure water stays out...

Our business is to waterproof your project!



Water and vapor can easily penetrate your concrete projects, proper waterproofing will ensure a solid structure.


Epoxy Floorings

Epoxy floor coatings on garages, industrial floors, kitchens or other areas is both stylish and protects against damage.


Weather Barriers

A weather barrier will protect flooring, adhesives, and coatings from the elements that can damage or cause mold.


Vapor Emissions Systems

We design and install Vapor Emission Systems to reduce water vapor moving through building materials.


Deck Coatings

Protect your investment from water and moisture problems such as deterioration and avoid expensive repairs later.


Vapor Barriers

Installing a vapor barrier will prevent the failure of flooring, adhesives, and coatings caused by emission from concrete slabs.


Air Barriers

We install air barriers - a system of building components designed to stop the flow of air into and out of buildings.


Sealants (Caulking)

Maintain the integrity of your concrete with a long-lasting sealant/caulking product to prevent water penetration.


Concrete Sealing

The cost of replacing concrete is expensive. We provide quality concrete sealing to protect your project.


What We Offer

We provide waterproofing, deck coatings, epoxy floorings, vapor barriers, weather barriers, air barriers, vapor emissions systems under flooring systems (carpet, hardwood, VCT, linoleum, etc), sealants (caulking) & concrete sealing



With our knowledgeable and experienced team, you can have peace of mind, ensuring the job is done right. 



With a reputation that matches our work output, we are one of the most trusted names in Northern California.

You can expect honest quotes for our services with high quality delivered on time.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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